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Today is pretty much my last day of summer! YAY! School volleyball started yesterday! Fun, but painful! We have to do stations including wall sits, planks, jumping over cones, and lots of serving and passing. It is conditioning but I feel plenty conditioned! Haha it is probably good for me though. I love volleyball. I am so excited to play every day for 2 months!!! Our team of 13 is pretty small compared to the 22 player 8th grade team. It is huge compared to our 9 player NLV team! Speaking of NLV, I noticed the other day while watching the USA Olympic indoor volleyball team, that I have the same volleyball spandex as that team!!! Navy blue Mizuno’s!!! Did I run up stairs, put on my whole volleyball uniform and scream ” I’m an Olympian!!!!”? Yes, yes I did. Anyways, Open house is tomorrow!! I am super excited to decorate my locker and get my schedule! I hop that I am in alot of classes with my friends! Last year, Grace, Kennady and I all had the same one. Science, Language, FACS, Gym, Lunch, Choir, Math, Social studies, and then Communications! I am so excited to dissect a frog this year! I dissected worms, jellyfish, squid, crayfish, roundworms, and grasshoppers in College for Kids this year. It was gross, yet awesome! I don’t know if I will be grossed out by a frog or not though…

This summer has been really fun! I had summer volleyball league, hanging out with friends, camp, and alot more!! I want school to start so bad though!
Summer volleyball league was super fun. Alot of my friends were on the team. We only won a couple of games but it was all to get better for school season. I am SUPER excited for school season! I really hope we do well. I think it will be really fun playing with an audience of people that we know. We probably won’t win alot of games like No Limits, but I think we will win some. i just love volleyball so much!!!
I want school to start SOOOOO BAD!! I want to start volleyball, choir, band, art class, and NO HOME EC!!! I love choir and band so much! I play french horn still. I love it. I’m really excited for student council. I think it will be super fun. I am also super excited for spirit week. Wacky Wednesday will be amazing!!!
I am watching the Olympics right now. I love gymnastics, volleyball, and track. My favorite Olympians are Jordyn Wieber, Missy Franklin, Lolo Jones, Misty May-Treanor, and Aly Raisman. The Gymnastics amazes me. Especially because I can’t touch my toes! Hahaha.
This summer has been completely AMAZING! But I am ready for school!!!!

We just got back from a week in Minnesota!! It was so fun! We stayed at Little Winne Resort. It wasn’t the best place but it was still super fun. I spent 20$ in a claw machine..oops.. I got 5 animals though… 5$ and animal… Anyway, I caught like 3-4 tiny fish.. Our lake was really dead, so we went to my great, great aunts resort and it took about 30 seconds for a fish to bite there. I probably caught 50-60 fish that 3 hours. That was super fun. Me and Grace had an average of 2 ice cream cons a day(always a double scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough). We went swimming in the pool, played games, and talked alot. THere was a dog at the lodge named Beaver. He was was reallly cute. He just jumped upon the bar tools and begged for ice cream!!!!! We did alot more to. It was super fun!!!

The past few weeks I’ve been off on summer break. I love summer so much. I can sleep until 12:00 and have friends over all the time. I am going to Camp Maclean in July, and I am going to Minnesota. I am super excited for that. I really want to go tubing. I have never been boating. Well REALLY boating. If you count going like 20 away from the dock and falling asleep boating…. Well then I guess I have. I am also really excited for camp. Last year it was the best week of the summer! I loved it and this year I am going to the 4th of July week. I think the parade will be very fun. I’m super excited. On the day we leave for Minnesota, it is ONE YEAR UNTIL THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!! I am so extremely, amazingly, awesomely, EXCITEDDD!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in volleyball and softball right now. We have only had 1 volleyball match and we lost both games. I personally did well, but the whole team did OK, but the other team obviously did better. Our softball team does really well. We were undefeated, until last night we lost 3-13:/ I again did well, I scored both times I went up to bat. I got a single the first time and a double the second time. This week I have volleyball camp and a volleyball game on Monday, volleyball camp and a softball game on Tuesday, volleyball camp, volleyball practice and a softball game on Wednesday, and a softball game on Friday!!!! CRAZINESSSSS!!!!!

PS. Today Ava sung the chorus to “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson………So cute

I love One Direction sooooo much!!! They are soooooooo amazing!! I’m going to their concert in July, 2013!!! AHHHHHH VAS HAPPNING?!?!?! KEVIN THE PIGEON IS AMAZINGGGGG

I am currently very bored…….. I just got home frrom a home track meet. I got 10.3 in long jump. The top score was 11.9 and the bottem was 6.8 so i was around the top half. Our relay team in the 4×2 did ok. We got 2nd to last. We were against 8th graders too though. So we did all right. Anyway…………… I’m watching The Voice….. Best show ever………. except I like American Idol better this year………. sooooo yeah………………… Again really random but I ate a bean and salsa taco for dinner. I’m going insane. I’m watching a commercial about a guy getting al you can eat pancakes at Steak&Shake. I dont like Steak&Shake. But their shakes are good. The fries are to small. One Direction is a fantastical group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love their songs! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. Its not even describable how bored I am. Poor Jurnie!!! She messed up her ankle and now shes on crutches!!!:'( Random list of smileys:
<3 B) >:(
O_o(my favorite!!!)
:< 😉 ;D ;P ;O ;L J:) d:) Fun Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL I AM SO BORED.

I’ve been in Dauphin Island, AL for about 6 days!!! Today is our last day so I’m pretty sad but I do miss my doggies!! So far we’ve done tons of fun stuff. We’ve been on the beach non-stop and we also spent a couple days in Gulf Shores with the Hinde and Wainwright families. We flew kites, went on a dolphin tour, played games, and went to a public beach.
Our house being super small(a kitchen,a bathroom, living room and 2 bedrooms- only 1000 square feet!) we are on the beach constantly! The ocean comes right up under our house. Our house is on stilts so we can walk right under it. The ocean is awesome for buggie boarding and hopping waves. I’ve got a pretty bad sunburn too, unfortunately. The shells are EVERYWHERE. We’ve found big small and everything in between. We went to a public beach too. It was pretty much the same as the beach in front of our house but it was cool because me and my mom walked all the way down to the end of the island. There was a huge sandbar and I saw a huge crab! It had a blue shell and bright red claws. I told my mom to come and look at it but by the time she came over it had disappeared right into the sand! He was pretty cool. We’ve also seen a bunch of sand crabs. They are the cutest thing EVER.
On Tuesday we went over to Gulf Shores to see The Hinde’s and Wainwrights. There was sooooo many kids at that house!!! There was Emma, Carter and Owen in the Wainwrights and Jurnie, Cale, Eli, and Marina in the Hinde’s. Then add in Me and Ava! Jurnie, Carter and I were hopping HUGE waves. So huge that the beach patrol came and put up red flags meaning that you need to be extremely careful. Wednesday we went to a restaurant called Lulu’s. That was the coolest restaurant EVER. They had a HUGE climbing wall. It had a plank that you could walk on that stuck out over the edge. It was terrifyingly amazing. You could make sandcastles, play sand volleyball, hula-hoop, play bean bags and listen to live music!!! I got the BEST burrito EVER. It ws Ken Wainwright’s birthday so we got the live music guy to sing happy birthday to Ken. It was someone elses birthday to and when they were done singing to that person, Carter was waving hi to the guy and……….
The Guy: Hey you in the red, Whats your name?
Carter: Carter
The Guy: Hunter? Oh Carter
Carter: Yeah
The Guy: Is it your birthday too?
Carter: ummmm Yeah!(just to be clear, It was NOT his birthday)
The Guy: Ok everyone, Lets sing Happy birthday to Carter!!
All the kids, including Carter could not stop laughing the entire song. It was the funniest thing EVER. That guy is my new favorite singer. lololololololololol just kidding.
We also went on a dolphin tour. It was super cool. The dolphins were everywhere. They were even jumping in the wake of the boat!!! It was the first time I’d ever seen a wild dolphin. While we were sitting on the boat, a ton of water came off the roof of the boat and drenched Carter and Marina. That was super funny too.
We also flew kites yesterday. It was kind of a fail. I was reeling in the puppy kite and accidentally let go. It flew and luckily caught on the neighbors roof. ooooops. My dad coincidentally found a board with a nail at perfect angle to get the kite down. Lucky save!
I’m really sad that today is our last day but i sure do miss my bed, my pets, and my friends!!!!!!!!!

Today we got a day off from school. I don’t actually know why….. Anyways I’ve been really busy lately. Track started, quiz bowl started, soccer is starting in April, I have volleyball regional’s this weekend, and my family is going to Alabama next weekend for spring break!!!
Track started on Monday. We have run A LOT. We run about probably 3 400’s(one lap) 4 200’s(half a lap) 2 800’s(2 laps) 3 100’s(half of half a lap) and yeahhhh. That is a lot of running. I do enjoy it though. I is good conditioning for soccer, volleyball and softball. And we have practice every night!
Quiz bowl started a few weeks ago. I like it alot. Some of the questions are REALLY hard though. x5%+6over9+8=5*kto the fourth power???? that’s not a real question but that’s what they sound like to me!!!! I answer quite a bit of questions though. It’s fun to just hang around with my friends too.
Soccer is starting in April. That is really all I have to say about that…….:0
Volleyball regional’s are this weekend!!!! Im sooooo excited!! Our team is ranked about 4th out of like 30. I LOVE volleyball. Our team is pretty good. We’ve won 3 tournaments, and got 2nd in one. my number is #21. #1 is Payton, #2 is Delaney, #8 is Bri, #10 is Hannah, #12 is Josie, #19 is Cara, #20 is Grace, #21 is Me!!, and #47 is Mac. We have practice usually on Fridays But last week we had one on Thursday and Friday. This week we have one today and Thursday. Today we are decorating posters for our hotel doors in Des Moine. We are also puffy painting t-shirts.
Next week we are going to Alabama!!!! We are going to Dauphin Island. It is and Island right off the coast. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going on a dolphin tour and shelling!!! Our house is on stilts so during high tide, the water rushes under the house!!!!! I will definitely post about that but if I do forget, my mom won’t on her blog
I got straight A’s again!!! This time with no A-‘s!!!!!! So yeah!
I bought a 55 gallon fish tank with my own money about 8 weeks ago. It is done cycling and now I am picking out and stocking my tank. I started with 6 brilliant rasbora’s, then got a mated pair of orange sail-fin mollies, Then I got 6 gold barbs( I do NOT recommend these, they nip and terrorize my other fish, even though Aquatic Environments told me the were peaceful.), then I got 2 powder blue dwarf gouramis, and 2 German blue rams. Unfortunately, The filter that came with the tank was terrible and caused another ammonia spike.. We lost our two most fragile fish, the rams:(. We also lost one gourami due to stress:(:(. But luckily we were taking the ram back to the fish store to ask for a refund(this was in 48 hours, and the fish was like 15$ so why not?) and Aquatic Environments told us about our bad filter. They set us up with a bio-wheel filter that is quieter, and more efficient than the other one. The reason I got the tank is because(man, I feel stupid saying this) we went to walmart, got a 3 gallon tank, 2 puffer fish, and a common pleco. We did not know that puffer fish were one of the most advanced fish you can buy. We also did not know that they needed a heater. We also did not know that the needed more than a 3 gallon tank. We also did not know that a pleco can grow up to 18 inches long. Saying so you can tell we didn’t know ANYTHING. So after a while we got a 10 gallon tank. We just poured in tap water and put safety tabs in thinking that was safe. We went and got 2 banded gouramis and 6 neon tetras. We did not know anything about the nitrite cycle. So they obviously died. So we actually looked up why our fish were dying and then we felt pretty stupid. So about 15 fish and 3 months later we got our facts straight and are currently not killing any fish.
I have to go to volleyball now!!!! hahahahha

I recently got a fish tank and i am having a hard time keeping it living. I only have 3 living fish right now. I also have 3 mystery snails. I’ve had 12 fish die. i had a couple with an explained death, one of my banded gourami( fin rot disease) and my 2 puffer fish, who I had no idea were difficult fish so we didn’t have a heater. Now we have a heater and our alkalinity is high but not dangerous. I have one guppy and a neon tetra, and a pleco. I love my fishies but i can’t seem to not kill them. The pleco has been through a 50 degree, 3 gallon tank, and 1 gallon beta tank and a 10 gallon tank and he’s lived the longest. His name is Speedy. Our beta(Drew) has lived as long as Speedy. The beta tank has no problem at all! I’ve had 2 banded gouamis, 7 neon tetras, 3 snails, 3 guppys, and my pleco. I hope i can get my fish tank all situated soon!!

The other day Me and my friends went to a haunted house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!! It was Jurnie Jordan Emily Haley Deonna and Me. In the beginning we were so scared we wouldnt go in! i <3ed it!!!!!!!!