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i am so exited for Thursday because i get my DS back!!!! its been gone for almost 3 weeks:( yay yay yay

thank u so much everybody! i am over half way to my goal of $501.51!!!!! to be exact i am 64% closer to my goal! so i jut wanted to say thank u to everybody who has donated or is going to donate(again do NOT feel like u have to) 🙂

i am so exited! my friend emily is showing me how to play piano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay !!!!!

i am doing jump rope for heart this year. my goal is $501.76. that is my goal 1 because it is one $ more than i raised last year 2 because i would be able to throw a pie at my principle and 2 at my gym teacher. Click here to donate(dont feel like u have to)

i stayed home sick today. i have a really sore throat.

tonight is Spirit night!!! I am going to paint my face(im just going to paint go rams on my cheek), and wear as much black and gold as i can. I am so exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, all my friends are going to be there! I cant wait to go but i dont know what time it is!:(