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Today was really really hot! To Bad my dad would not let me swim….
also gracat, can you post your name by commenting?

Me, Emily Mitchell, Haley Krol, Tyler Mitchell, And Riley played a really fun game.It started out as us running away from Riley because she is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING!! Then it turned into a game that everyone thought was fun. What made it really fun is Riley has a HUGE dog that stampedes at you and until the last second she moves.we made codes to tell each other where to go and what to do so the other team could not understand us like:
EG- evergreen
TM- tyler mitchell
RT- riley
R- right
l- left
ck- creek
th- tree house

We are finally in Nebraska!!!! Right now we are eating breakfast at the lodge we are staying at a hotel. After breakfast we are going to the really big zoo!