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I just thought i would give some details on what is happening around here. First, it is one month till my birthday!!!!!!!! My dad did his second marathon a couple days ago. He beat his time by a few minutes. I got to run it in with him! After that i went home for a while and then we headed out for some apple pickin’. I love apple picking, it is so fun to just run through the grassy hills and grab apples on the way. Yesterday i had a soccer game. We got crushed(again), 7 to 0. It was still fun though. Softball just ended for the winter. Not that i don’t enjoy softball but YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Two nights of the week free!! Two nights a week i have soccer. and on most Saturdays i have soccer games. Today i am hoping to hang out with Haley, Jurnie, and Emily. Sorry i have not been posting lately i will try to do better but if you really want to see what is happening around here visit my moms blog it really explains what we are doing(ever when i am at school!) krusezoo.com