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I love the show pretty Little Liars!!!! It is sooooo good! OK first of all there are 5 girls: Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Alison. Pretty Little Liars-They were all best friends. All best friends until that night. That night when they heard that blood-curdling scream. That night Ali disappeared. Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer spend nights and days trying to uncover the truth about Ali’s disappearance . Once They hit one year, things get really, well scary. They get notes, texts, and even emails from one named “A”. “A” is just the way Ali signed her notes, texts, and emails. It just does not make sense, how could it be Ali? Someone new has moved into Alison’s old house. Her name is Maya. She becomes their friend and is just as puzzled about Ali as them. The day after Maya moves in, the police find something that makes the girls’ stomachs flip. It is Ali’s body. They found it under the ground. In Maya’s backyard. After examination they learn suffocation was the cause of death. The police have their eyes set on on person- Toby Cavanough. Jenna Cavanough(Toby’s sister) was involved in on of Ali’s dangerous “revenges” that was aimed at Toby. It left her blinded. “the Jenna thing” has always been a secret. Ali’s favorite sport was messing with peoples’ minds. The girls know that. But Ali’s not back! It is not possible! What is impersonating her? Better yet who? Its hard to figure out when everyone is just a pretty little liar…

As i said yesterday, i have to be home sick today because of the 24 hour rule. I am sooooooo board.

tonight I was sick. I have thrown up a few times. It is sooooo gross. I can’t go to school tomorrow because of the 24 hour rule, where you can’t go to school until you have gone 24 hours without throwing up. i went to cheer leading camp yesterday. It was fun. All my friends were there except Allison. this morning we got home from a hotel. Yesterday we got there and swam and swam and swam. it was really fun.