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I had two softball games tonight. We lost(no surprise there). I have softball every Tuesday, Thursday, and almost every weekend. I admit that its harder than the other leagues I’ve played in, and I also admit that our team had not won any games this season. I mean, i love ASA but losing every single game gets kinda old. Its really hard to sit there in center field and watch the pitcher walk 12 runners. Or sitting in center field watching the runners steal and steal- over and over. I try really hard to try and help us win. This last game I caught 4 pop-flies, and i got on base 3 times. The first time i got on base i was walked, the second time i got a dead ball(you get hit) right in the leg. the third time I got another dead ball, again right in the leg. We have a tournament this weekend, I hope we can win, or tie, or at least got more than 3 runs.
I have basketball camp this whole week. Basketball is sooooo fun. we learned different pass and cut drills, and a bunch of stuff like that. We play a lot of games. I won knock out 1 time, and i got 2nd in dribble knockout. I got 2nd in a confusing game that i dont know the name of.
We get Popsicles after every day of camp. Only 4 of my friends signed up, Grace, Allison, Deonna, and Gracie.
I have volleyball camp next weekend. I am really excited. I kinda new to volleyball and i am trying to get better. Camps like this teach me alot of new things. Volleyball is really fun when your not playing with the 5th grade boys at field day.