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I recently got a fish tank and i am having a hard time keeping it living. I only have 3 living fish right now. I also have 3 mystery snails. I’ve had 12 fish die. i had a couple with an explained death, one of my banded gourami( fin rot disease) and my 2 puffer fish, who I had no idea were difficult fish so we didn’t have a heater. Now we have a heater and our alkalinity is high but not dangerous. I have one guppy and a neon tetra, and a pleco. I love my fishies but i can’t seem to not kill them. The pleco has been through a 50 degree, 3 gallon tank, and 1 gallon beta tank and a 10 gallon tank and he’s lived the longest. His name is Speedy. Our beta(Drew) has lived as long as Speedy. The beta tank has no problem at all! I’ve had 2 banded gouamis, 7 neon tetras, 3 snails, 3 guppys, and my pleco. I hope i can get my fish tank all situated soon!!