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We just got back from a week in Minnesota!! It was so fun! We stayed at Little Winne Resort. It wasn’t the best place but it was still super fun. I spent 20$ in a claw machine..oops.. I got 5 animals though… 5$ and animal… Anyway, I caught like 3-4 tiny fish.. Our lake was really dead, so we went to my great, great aunts resort and it took about 30 seconds for a fish to bite there. I probably caught 50-60 fish that 3 hours. That was super fun. Me and Grace had an average of 2 ice cream cons a day(always a double scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough). We went swimming in the pool, played games, and talked alot. THere was a dog at the lodge named Beaver. He was was reallly cute. He just jumped upon the bar tools and begged for ice cream!!!!! We did alot more to. It was super fun!!!