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I’ve been in Dauphin Island, AL for about 6 days!!! Today is our last day so I’m pretty sad but I do miss my doggies!! So far we’ve done tons of fun stuff. We’ve been on the beach non-stop and we also spent a couple days in Gulf Shores with the Hinde and Wainwright families. We flew kites, went on a dolphin tour, played games, and went to a public beach.
Our house being super small(a kitchen,a bathroom, living room and 2 bedrooms- only 1000 square feet!) we are on the beach constantly! The ocean comes right up under our house. Our house is on stilts so we can walk right under it. The ocean is awesome for buggie boarding and hopping waves. I’ve got a pretty bad sunburn too, unfortunately. The shells are EVERYWHERE. We’ve found big small and everything in between. We went to a public beach too. It was pretty much the same as the beach in front of our house but it was cool because me and my mom walked all the way down to the end of the island. There was a huge sandbar and I saw a huge crab! It had a blue shell and bright red claws. I told my mom to come and look at it but by the time she came over it had disappeared right into the sand! He was pretty cool. We’ve also seen a bunch of sand crabs. They are the cutest thing EVER.
On Tuesday we went over to Gulf Shores to see The Hinde’s and Wainwrights. There was sooooo many kids at that house!!! There was Emma, Carter and Owen in the Wainwrights and Jurnie, Cale, Eli, and Marina in the Hinde’s. Then add in Me and Ava! Jurnie, Carter and I were hopping HUGE waves. So huge that the beach patrol came and put up red flags meaning that you need to be extremely careful. Wednesday we went to a restaurant called Lulu’s. That was the coolest restaurant EVER. They had a HUGE climbing wall. It had a plank that you could walk on that stuck out over the edge. It was terrifyingly amazing. You could make sandcastles, play sand volleyball, hula-hoop, play bean bags and listen to live music!!! I got the BEST burrito EVER. It ws Ken Wainwright’s birthday so we got the live music guy to sing happy birthday to Ken. It was someone elses birthday to and when they were done singing to that person, Carter was waving hi to the guy and……….
The Guy: Hey you in the red, Whats your name?
Carter: Carter
The Guy: Hunter? Oh Carter
Carter: Yeah
The Guy: Is it your birthday too?
Carter: ummmm Yeah!(just to be clear, It was NOT his birthday)
The Guy: Ok everyone, Lets sing Happy birthday to Carter!!
All the kids, including Carter could not stop laughing the entire song. It was the funniest thing EVER. That guy is my new favorite singer. lololololololololol just kidding.
We also went on a dolphin tour. It was super cool. The dolphins were everywhere. They were even jumping in the wake of the boat!!! It was the first time I’d ever seen a wild dolphin. While we were sitting on the boat, a ton of water came off the roof of the boat and drenched Carter and Marina. That was super funny too.
We also flew kites yesterday. It was kind of a fail. I was reeling in the puppy kite and accidentally let go. It flew and luckily caught on the neighbors roof. ooooops. My dad coincidentally found a board with a nail at perfect angle to get the kite down. Lucky save!
I’m really sad that today is our last day but i sure do miss my bed, my pets, and my friends!!!!!!!!!

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