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This summer has been really fun! I had summer volleyball league, hanging out with friends, camp, and alot more!! I want school to start so bad though!
Summer volleyball league was super fun. Alot of my friends were on the team. We only won a couple of games but it was all to get better for school season. I am SUPER excited for school season! I really hope we do well. I think it will be really fun playing with an audience of people that we know. We probably won’t win alot of games like No Limits, but I think we will win some. i just love volleyball so much!!!
I want school to start SOOOOO BAD!! I want to start volleyball, choir, band, art class, and NO HOME EC!!! I love choir and band so much! I play french horn still. I love it. I’m really excited for student council. I think it will be super fun. I am also super excited for spirit week. Wacky Wednesday will be amazing!!!
I am watching the Olympics right now. I love gymnastics, volleyball, and track. My favorite Olympians are Jordyn Wieber, Missy Franklin, Lolo Jones, Misty May-Treanor, and Aly Raisman. The Gymnastics amazes me. Especially because I can’t touch my toes! Hahaha.
This summer has been completely AMAZING! But I am ready for school!!!!

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