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Today is pretty much my last day of summer! YAY! School volleyball started yesterday! Fun, but painful! We have to do stations including wall sits, planks, jumping over cones, and lots of serving and passing. It is conditioning but I feel plenty conditioned! Haha it is probably good for me though. I love volleyball. I am so excited to play every day for 2 months!!! Our team of 13 is pretty small compared to the 22 player 8th grade team. It is huge compared to our 9 player NLV team! Speaking of NLV, I noticed the other day while watching the USA Olympic indoor volleyball team, that I have the same volleyball spandex as that team!!! Navy blue Mizuno’s!!! Did I run up stairs, put on my whole volleyball uniform and scream ” I’m an Olympian!!!!”? Yes, yes I did. Anyways, Open house is tomorrow!! I am super excited to decorate my locker and get my schedule! I hop that I am in alot of classes with my friends! Last year, Grace, Kennady and I all had the same one. Science, Language, FACS, Gym, Lunch, Choir, Math, Social studies, and then Communications! I am so excited to dissect a frog this year! I dissected worms, jellyfish, squid, crayfish, roundworms, and grasshoppers in College for Kids this year. It was gross, yet awesome! I don’t know if I will be grossed out by a frog or not though…

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